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FIFA 21 Pro Player Tactic Guide - How To Create Space When Attacking In FIFA 21

1/14/2021 3:42:50 PM

One question that gets asked heavily a lot this year is how do pro players have so much time on the ball? how do they have so much space? now to make it a bit realistic, first, we are changing to a 4-2-3-1 formation and leave everything on balance. So in this way, you're going to see there's going to be no dynamic tactics influencing the play style, it’s going to be pure manual. and we're going to sub off all the best players on the team and just put on some mediocre players that anyone can buy. For the sole purpose to show you how to hold the ball and how a pro player holds the ball as well.

What Are The Key Factors When It Comes To Creating Space?  

#Gameplay Tactics On How To Creating Space

    No.1 Moving into the ball when the ball is safe, and what that means is when you're making a pass, you only make a pass when you go into the direction where it's safe, so you don't pass the ball to your ram, because you’ll lose the ball very easily. if you lose the ball like that, that is your own fault, because you're not passing in a safe area, you're playing a very risky pass, face the player and then make a pass.

    No.2 For example, you have the ball with your winger and you try to run down the wing when you know your opponent is cutting you down, and you're trying to get inside and you’ll lose the ball. Again that's another reason why it's your fault. The reason why is because very simply you're moving into space where there is basically nowhere to go. If you need to create space, you do a one-two backward, then you try to make a pass and you do a one-two again and this is how you can make space: we're pushing the defender away, and you’ll be creating space at your left back and cam. So do the one-two and push a player forward then you can create space and trigger that player to make a run. If you want another player off the ball to make space, you press the L1 button and you can send that player forward in a direct line. There are other things you can do as well, you can use the new switch mechanic or you can do that pass and you can hold the right analog stick and use that directed run in creative runs. So you can use the player lock feature or you can use creative runs. There's a wide array of movement that you can use to create runs, these are all things that pro players have in the arsenal they use to create space inside the box. 

    No.3 Dribbling. if someone is coming towards you, you dribble away. very simply, the left analog stick means away, that's it. But don't try to dribble and go in between the gaps at the same time, because if you try to do that you're never going to get through. because if there isn't space available, how can you dribble through those gaps? you can't and that's the reason why people are struggling with dribbling because they're trying to dribble into the space towards goal. now dribbling into the space is fine but what you shouldn't be doing is dribbling towards your goal, you should be moving away. when you're dribbling, that should be what you're thinking about.

#Secret Trick 1: The Eye Tracker 

when it comes to creating space, the first most important thing is to have the eye tracker on the screen. And to create space, it's not some player, it's not some pay to win play, it's not a certain formation, it's because they create space themself.

#Secret Trick 2: The Use Of L1 Button

The best way to create space is to do a pass to one of the strikers and do an L1 trigger. if you take a touch into space, you can also create space. so if you're unsure and you don't know where to go, take a touch into safety, but don't panic, don't hold the run button if you hold the run button in the final third, you're very much going to panic. but if you try to run in a final third when you're defending or when you're attacking, there is a big chance that you could actually create a gap. Even though closing on your opponent reduces the space towards him when you're defending, but think about this, every single time we're running towards him, we're actually creating space for other defenders, other players are now available. so that's something you have to bear in mind when you're attacking your opponent is also going to run towards you. if he doesn't run towards you, then you've got space.

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