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Everything You Need To Know About NBA 2K21 MyTeam's New Features

9/8/2020 3:58:10 PM

NBA 2k21 hasn't changed much since NBA 2K20, but there are still some features that need to be paid attention to. You got to learn more about these features before getting the game start! 

1. My Career Mode

My Career mode will provide content from high school to college.

Players will be able to go through high school-college training and then enter the NBA, similar to the current draft situation. The game has obtained a large number of university authorizations, you will get the return of NCAA college basketball with 10 universities to pick from! And the game also provides a special feature storyline. For example, The new storyline covers the transition of the son of a local basketball legend from being a football prospect to picking up basketball in his father’s shadow. A large number of movie and sports stars will also appear in MC mode, includes some great new celebrity cameos like Michael K. Williams and Djimon Hounsou as feature characters in the new story.

2. MyTeam mode

The MyTeam mode has a new season concept, and lineup themes and lineup restrictions will be introduced every week. 

Players need to constantly adjust the lineup to fight against other players, gain experiences, and various rewards so that the fun of the gameplay will continue to change and have more endurance.

The Championship Ring mode will be opened every Friday-Sunday, and there will be different themes every week (for example, in a certain week, the players in the player lineup will be required to be the highest grade ruby). The winning team can get the championship ring and reward.

Every six weeks is a season, and the entire 2K21 will release new content in the form of the season. Each season will set a theme and then launch the corresponding card packs and challenges.

Also, the block mode will add a large number of stages. But remember that you still need some NBA 2K21 MT Coins to build up your dreamy team in the MyTeam mode. 

3. Ranking System

The infinite stage system is back. The online 5V5 in 2K21 will be divided into 9 levels from Bronze to Galaxy.

The 12 wins mechanism is still retained, only when you rise to the highest Galaxy and play 12 consecutive victories, you can get the final player award.

4. MyTeam Player card

Player cards in "NBA2K21" can be traded. If players have extra cards, they can exchange them back or exchange for other cards to strengthen the lineup;

Besides, players don’t have to worry about the issue of generation transfer. All the MyTEAM data of this generation can be transferred to the next generation console (PS5, XSX).

2K21's evolution card can customize some star-up conditions. When your players evolve to full stars, you can also customize some badges for them-players can arrange badges for players themselves, from bronze to purple medals.

5. The soundtrack

It’s not often you see a game’s soundtrack make it into the mentions as one of its most positive aspects. But for NBA 2K21, the soundtrack is filled with excellent choices, and there’s not a miss on the list!

It provides a great mix of popular hits with lesser-known artists and songs, and each perfectly fits the game. This leaves NBA 2K21 with one of the best soundtracks of the series!

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