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Fifa 19 Pro Clubs Tips And Tricks-How To Get Max Overall In Fifa 19

10/26/2018 11:30:43 AM

fifa 19 max overall is most likely that in fifa 18 because there are not many changes in pro clubs, but it doesn't have a certain percent and no one has reached the max overall. we will bring the fifa 19 pro clubs tips and tricks about how to get max overall.

firstly, we need to check the leaderboard for players. playing more matches in pro clubs and have fantastic performance will get a higher overall. go into each position and check what the max high overall is. we can see from the following image, the first record is 90.

but it has to be 91, and the highest overall for a cam has to be 90 and cdm has to be 90 and defense for 89.

you have lots of tools to be able to get the max overall in fifa 19 pro clubs as soon as possible.

base xp and bonus xp
there is something is pro clubs called base xp, which can be earned in-game based on your match rating. a ten point of a game, you'll get 1000 xp, if you get a 6.0, you can only get 600 base xp, there is also something called bonus xp, based on doing something on your position. for example, if you use defender, get a slide tackle you will get a bonus xp, if you use striker and score a goal outside the box you'll get a bonus xp towards your long shot and towards your sharp hour, if score inside the box you get bonus xp for your finishing, if your goalkeeper does a diving save or reflex save, you can get a bonus xp. so, the better you play in a match, the higher your match rating is and the more game you play, the fastest you will grow.

match rating
match rating is very important, your player has an attribute gap and what's pretty much, if you see you player with a 100% on a stat on an attribute like this on agility's is 87 100%,  it's 88 actually, 100% my balance is 81, so that means i will not be able to grow as a striker in those unless i go and play a different position so maybe if i go and play midfield i have a cam build, you can see the brilliant dribbling and ball control will still be able to grow.

skill point
if you have something 100% like the free-kick, the rating is 75 a now, the only method you can grow that is through the skill point or if you play a different position.

if you already have a 100% on an attribute that means that actually for the specific position you're playing is maxed out and you will not be able to grow it anymore unless you use the skill.

height or weight

another important tip many people have not used is: sometimes you might get a higher overall just by changing the height or the weight of the player.

we can see the height is 6'2'' now, the overall is 89, then change the height to 5'8'', the overall becomes 88.

attributes percentage
the next tip is to keep an eye on your percentage.

if you are a striker, the percent of finishing is 21% at 92, if removing this, it's 93% to 86 now.

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