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FIFA 19 Swap Deals Tips To Get Best Rewards - How To Collect More Swap Items & Earn The Best Swap Cards Like Pablo Alacaer

10/11/2018 12:55:51 AM

FIFA 19 Swap Deals Event has been running in Ultimate Team. How do you get the best rewards and Swap Deal players like Pablo Alacaer? You can find detailed tips in this guide. 

These are swap deals: The FUT exchange deals started on October 6 and are expected to run the entire month.

So you have time for October to secure the FUT exchange players. There will be swap deal events again and again in the following months. More information can be found in our FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals Guide

That's the goal of FIFA 19 Swap Deals: You want to earn so-called Swap items in FIFA 19. You can exchange them for Swap players. The first step is how to get to FIFA 19 Swap items.


Collect More Swap Items & Earn The Best Swap Cards

Step 1: Earn FIFA 19 Swap Items 

There are several ways to earn items that allow you to exchange rewards such as one of the four monthly players or different packs.

It is important to note that all options are only available to you for a certain period of time. It is possible that day and week targets, as well as certain swap deals, will rotate SBCs and be unavailable on certain days. That means keeping your eyes open and reacting quickly.

In the FUT center, the game usually shows you which opportunities for swap deals are currently available.

This means that if a daily target with Swap Deals Reward is active, you probably will not find Swap Deals SBC at this time.

Way 1: Beat the presented squad battles team

Each week, the squad battles present a featured team assembled by real stars. These are just so full of strong players and are difficult to beat especially on high difficulty levels. So, think about the difficulty you can expect. Also, make sure that you are currently getting a swap item for the Squad Battles team being presented, or if other targets are active.

Way 2: Reach High Squad Battles Ranks

Another option for Swap Deals objects is the Squad Battles, where you finish in high ranks. For example, this week you will receive the player Kévin Rodrigues, who is worth a Swap Deals deal. But you have to complete the week in rank 3 or higher - then the card should be among the rewards next Monday.

Way 3: Special SBCs

The third option requires some building skills in Squad Building Challenges: In the first week you could for example by means of an SBC the player Pedro Chirivella received, which is also worth a Swap Deals item. On, you can get cheap FUT 19 Coins for investing on SBCs. 


Way 4: Daily and weekly Objectives

You can also get hold of Swap Deals items via day and week targets - but these also only run for a certain amount of time. For example, using the daily objective "Swap Deals Player", you were able to get the player Dženis Burnić from Borussia Dortmund by winning three Division Rivals matches. This task is now out again, but comparable goals should come back in the next few days.


Step 2: Exchange Swap Items for Swap Deal Players in FIFA 19

So you exchange your Swap items: If you have some swap items, you can make the first swap transactions with SBC. The SBC by Paco Alcacer costs about only three items and is thus already fulfillable.

This is how the FIFA 19 Swap SBC works: Open the Squad Building Challenge. There you put your deserved items in the right place. Send it off and get the player you want - in this example it's Paco Alcacer. But also rewards in the form of packs or other players are possible.

FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deal SBC Paco Alcacer

That's why you should possibly save items: You should always keep in mind: If you have given away your barter items, you will not get them back. The SBC for Stephan El Shaarawy, for example, costs 12 items - so there you have to save a few items. Even top players at FIFA 19 in the coming months are expected to be expensive.

Saved items can also be used in the future: the event will continue in the coming months. Maybe the next level of swap deals will provide you with rewards that better fit your team. So think about whether you want to exchange the hard-earned items right now, or rather save.

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