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Fifa 19 Web App Guide - Early Access Fut 19 Web App, Contents, New Features, Download And Cost

9/20/2018 11:36:56 AM

when will the fifa 19 web app live? here is all information about the start time of the fut 19 app from ea, to the contents and to a download.


today begins the fut 19 season: a few days ago, ea sports announced the official release date of the fifa 19 web app. the app launches on september 19, 2018 - about a week before the official launch date of fifa 19.

the web app is live now! however, there were direct server problems for many users. sign up did not work for most people yet. you received error messages and error texts. but there are also user reports that they are already in there.

the web app is here long - as soon as it is available. keep in mind that the web app is primarily intended for the desktop application. for the smart phone, there's the companion app, which is expected tomorrow.

using the web app on a mobile device / tablet supports mobile chrome (ios and android) and safari (ios).

fifa 19 web app

how to early access the fifa 19 web app on 19th, september

these are the requirements for early access on 19.9 .:

- you must have founded a fut club in fifa 18 before august 1st.

- this fut-18 club must be valid until the launch of the fut 19 web app.

- in addition, your account must have a "good reputation". in other words, if you have been banned or otherwise negatively noticed, you may not receive early access.

when are players without early access going to start? if you are not fut-18 veterans, you will only gain access to the web app when you log in to fifa 19, create your club in fut 19 and answer a security question there. then you have until the release of fifa 19 on 28.9. or on 25.9. be patient with pre-access.


fifa 19 web app contents

what you can get in the fifa 19 web app:

- manage your fut teams and club items,

- solve squad building challenges (sbcs)

- visit the transfer market and buy and sell players and items with fifa 19 coins,

- see the totw (team of the week),

- inspect all maps, rankings and other stats,

- buy sets in the fut store

- and complete goals.

new features for fut 19 web app are:

- updated compatibility

- seek weekly rewards from squad battles, fut champions and division rivals

- improved filter functions

in addition, there are probably daily gifts in the first few days of the web app, which is why it pays to log in every day - even today. veterans can also look forward to welcome back sets.


further information about fifa 19 web app / download, costs

- the web app is free

- you need to log in an ea account with email address, password and security query

- the web app only works on the desktop. mobile devices need the companion app

- for the web app no download is necessary. you start the app directly on the ea page.

- as soon as the web app for fut 19 is live, there is no web app for fut 18 anymore

- you can not play matches in fut 19 with it

- you can not buy fifa points in the app.

- just to launch is expected to login problems

cheack more fifa 19 news and guides here!

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