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Poe Ice Control Witch Build: Ice Nova And Glacial Cascade Help Beginner Farm Quickly

9/17/2014 4:29:17 PM

after the poe new update, i have experienced several builds as a witch. finally, i decided to play as ice witch to use glacial and ice nova as main damage and for crowd control and extra burst. here's my planning build:


if you armed with two-handed weapon:


weapon 4l: cold snap/ glacial cascade + spell echo + concentrated effect + cold penetration
weapon 5l: cold snap/glacial cascade + spell echo + concentrated effect + cold penetration + faster casting



if you armed with 2 weapon


main weapon 3l: arctic armour + curse on hit+ etc.
off-hand weapon 3l: lightning warp + faster casting + reduced duration

armor: 4l (aoe&sup): ice nova + spell echo + elemental proliferation + cold penetration/ increased area of effect
helm: 3l+1: lightning warp + faster casting + reduced duration + arctic armour
shose 4l (aura): reduced mana + enlighten + aura + etc.
gloves 4l (defense): cast when damage taken lv1 + molten shell lv7 + vulnerability lv5 + ice nova lv8


defense mechanism: mom cloth + aa


the core legendary items



romira's banquet

as you know, this ring is not cheap in path of exile for the beginner players. under the low critical hit chance and large area ice nova, you can gain three power charge each time. this ring can very useful to increase the glacial cascades’ dps.


rime gaze

the coin of rime gaze is the gems in this item are supported by level 15 concentrated effect which is useful for the main damage glacial cascade. after use it, the dps can easily up to 2500.

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