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Painted Mainframe Decal, Binary Trail, Singularity Goal Explosion Will Be The Most Expensive and Sought Rocket League Items

8/3/2018 2:08:12 PM

The new black market Mainframe decal, very rare Binary trail, and black market Singularity goal explosion are all paintable! Check Psyonix Devin’s Twitter, and he confirms that Singularity GE and Mainframe Decal both ARE dropping as Painted from the new Rocket League Zephyr Crate! Good Luck to every RL player!


Get Painted Mainframe, Binary, Singularity In Rocket League Now!

Do you still think the new Rocket League Zephyr Crate is a normal one like other crates from Rocket League’s minor updates? While you drew out a black market Mainframe, Binary trail or Singularity goal explosion from it, you would be surprised that all these three items have painted variants! How to get these painted items? Two ways:

1. Open the new Rocket League Zephyr Crate, if you are lucky enough, you will draw out the painted ones of these three items directly! But remember that the drop rate for Black market items is only 1% plus 25% chances of receiving painted attributes, so it’s not a easy to get a painted one by opening crates, even some players think that the chances are 1 in 800 to find a painted black market, finding White Zomba, for example, is 1 in 2600. So good luck to you!

2. If you are not so lucky with opening crates, and you still can not trade up this Painted trails, goal explosions, and BMD's, how can you get them fast? The best way is find a good trading from a reliable seller! RocketPrices.Com surely can be one of the best place you fast buy Painted Mainframe, Binary, Singularity at the most favorable prices on all platforms (Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch), use discount coupon "ROC" you can save more!


Rocket League Painted Mainframe, Binary, Singularity Prices

Painted trails, goal explosions, and BMD's are awesome, but the in-game market is going to become a shitshow with regards to pricing these items in some players’ mind. Painted and certified variants of exotic wheels go for tons of keys already, and they don't come close to paralleling the rarity of a BMD or BMGE with these properties. So you can only imagine what sort of crazy prices traders are going to be attributing to them. Mainframe as the first one painted black market decal, without a doubt it will be one of the most-sought and expensive deals in the whole RL market, as well as the Binary and Singularity! Check out their current value in the market on our Rocket League Prices list!

Check below video from Youtuber Masterpie102 to view all painted Mainframe, Binary, Singularity:

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