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Analysis Of Five Popular Archeage Mage Builds

9/12/2014 6:44:03 PM


for me, i like the mage class. thus, i collected five popular archeage mage builds to share with you. if you love mage as well, let’s look at them together.


analysis of five popular archeage mage builds


as well all know, there are ten common skill sets in archeage. whatever builds you create is based on the archeage sets. to be the mage class, you need to deal high spell damage. sorcery allows players have access to devastating spells element, which is capable of damaging more than one enemy in battle. therefore, sorcery is generally the essential skill set for archeage mage. meanwhile, ff you like melee, shadowblade is beneficial for you melee mage. there are lots of mage builds based on the shadowblade skills. actually, the classic mage builds usually include sorcery and shadowplay.


build1.  sorcery + shadowplay + vitalism
in the build vitalism is healing skills to restore health of self and allies. if you want to quickly upgrade your class in pve, this build is a good choice. but the disadvantage of the build is that dps is not high and bad for solo pvp.


build2.  sorcery + shadowplay + songcraft
this is a great combat mage build with high dps. whether you like playing in pvp or pve, build 2 is awesome for you mage. however, its disadvantage is low survival rates because of the lacks of health. build 2 requires you are a skillfully caster and kill enemies quickly, or enemies will kill you.


buid3. sorcery + shadowplay + occultism

buid3 allows mage to cast lots of aoe skills, which is suitable for large-scale battle like naval combats in pve.


build4.  sorcery + shadowplay + necromancy

build4 is the most balanced in many aspects. you can adopt the build in pvp and pve. but there is a lack of survival skills in the build. hence, you sneak attack and kill enemies in a short time.


build5.  sorcery + songcraft + witchcraft

this is a really useful build with high enough dps and dpm for mage in pvp as well as pve. what you note is build 5 has low survival rate.



archeage is to be launched on september 16. i hope the five builds above can give you helpful guides when you explore adventure in archeage. of course, i believe you can create your build in your journey of adventure in archeage.

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