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Rocket League Musty Flicks Tutorial - How To Do The Musty Flick?

4/19/2018 11:44:01 AM

How to do the Musty Flick in Rocket League successfully? Since the mechanic was found out on October of 2016, many players are trying to figure out the most effective way to perform the move in gaming. Now finally the player - amustycow who the first one discovered the momentum made a tutorial to help you learn it. In this guide, we would like to show you all details about the Musty Flick!

What is Musty Flick Exactly In Rocket League?

Musty Flick is basically just a forward-facing back flip and a form of delayed flick. You just jump up tilt your car forward and then back flip. It takes time to pitch the car to get the dodge to behave that way. In that time, the distance closed. In October of 2016, the player Musty first discovered this mechanic and posted it to Reddit, the he got lots of feedback on it and some people ask him to pick a name for this new mechanic. Then he jokingly said the Musty Flick then people started calling the move with this name. Jump, push forward, back flick. It's actually very simple to learn, but difficult to master.

The momentum of your flip depends on the direction your car is facing. The easiest way to think about it is that front flips always go the way your nose is pointing, and backflips always go the way that your tail is pointing. However, the rotation of your flip is always the same. What these guys are doing is jumping, pushing the nose down until it's pointing backward, and then backflipping. Because the rear is facing forward, the backflip momentum goes forward. Because it's a backflip, the car's rotation is in the direction of its hood. Does that make sense? It's a little hard to explain, but very easy to grasp in free play. Jump and do a flip, then jump, pull back past 90 degrees, and do the same flip. You'll see the difference.


How To Do The Musty Flick In Rocket League?

Musty has released a great Youtube Musty Flick tutorial on the musty flick. In the below video he discuss where to place the ball on your car and the ideal scenarios to go for a Musty Flick as well as the physics involved in this mechanic he found:

It's important to keep the Good and Bad T zones in mind for attempting these. Basically make sure when you go nose down you pass the mid point of your car (the T zone) so when you hit your back flip you get forward momentum. Please watch the video for a graphical explanation.

Also keep in mind when dribbling, you want the ball towards the front of the hood before you pop the ball up. This will ensure you don't hit it out of reach with the rear of your car as you make your downward rotation before your back flip.

Furthermore, off the wall airial musty flicks can be a great way to throw defenders off. They will think you've failed your shot and put their guard down when your car goes nose down. But you will have the last laugh as the ball goes sailing over them.

Musty flick with an improvised ending (From Reddit posted by Ao_RL)

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