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Rocket League Fan Rewards Phase 2 - Eq Trail, Razzle Wheels, Ballistic Goal Explosion And 12 All-New Rlcs Items

3/17/2018 3:13:48 PM

rocket league fan rewards are back with cooler items than ever, as the season 5 premiere of the rocket league championship series (rlcs) is here! as usual, the registered players on PS 4, xbox one and steam pc can win twelve all-new items, including the equalizer supersonic trail, razzle wheels, the ballistic goal explosion and more by watching live twitch streams. in this guide, we will show you all details and pictures of the new fan rewards.


rocket league fan rewards phase 2 - new rlcs items





octane: dune racer

breakout: froggy

dominus: fantasmo



stoic muffin




blast ray




goal explosion


player banner

rl esports

winning streak

how to get the new rocket league fan rewards?

do you like these new fan rewards items, if you want to collect this limited rlcs items and have questions about it, simply read below faq from rocket league official reddit post: to learn how to sign up and connect your twitch account to your platform of choice. it will help you get the fan rewards more softly. what's more, if you are not so lucky to win the items or have no time to watching games on switch, but want to obtain these rlcs items, welcome to buy rocket league items on

question - how do i sign up for rocket league fan rewards?

answer - visit this link and link your twitch id with your platform of choice.


question - how do i receive rocket league fan rewards?

answer - after visiting this link and link your twitch id with your platform of choice, simply tune in to the stream when rocket league fan rewards are active.


question - do i need to type or do anything extra to receive rocket league fan rewards?

answer - no. if your accounts are linked and you are watching a stream that has rocket league fan rewards enabled, you do not need to say anything in chat to be eligible.


question - how will i know if i have received a rocket league fan reward?

answer - you should receive a whisper from rocketleaguefanrewards stating: "congratulations! you have been rewarded a rocket league fan rewards drop!" in addition, you receive a notification in-game showing a new item unlocked.


question - do i need to be playing rocket league while watching the stream to receive a rocket league fan reward?

answer - no. you just need to ensure your accounts are linked and that you are watching the stream.


question - how likely am i to receive a rocket league fan reward?

answer - psyonix hasn't released official numbers on this, but it appears that most users receive a drop every 1-3 streams. the amount of drops you receive and the rarity of the item is completely random.


question - when should i tune in to receive rocket league fan rewards

answer - during the rlcs season, tune in on saturdays at 12pm pst and sundays at 9am pst. additionally, keep an eye on the @rlesports twitter account for notifications of other streams with rocket league fan rewards enabled.


question - will the phase 1 rocket league fan rewards ever return?

answer - psyonix has yet to confirm or deny this. the popular assumption is that they will likely return at some point in the future for a limited time.


question - do i need to have the rocket league twitch stream active and/or avoid going idle on twitch to be eligible to receive rocket league fan rewards?

answer - being active or idle should not affect your ability to receive rewards. just make sure that you don't have the stream muted while another window is active. muting the stream and changing to a different active window will stop the stream until you make it the active window again. as long as your stream is not muted, you are fine.


question - am i still eligible for rocket league fan rewards if i watch on mobile?

answer - yes. just make sure that your twitch account and platform of choice are connected on this site.

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