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Madden Nfl 18 Tips For Longshot, Ultimate Team And Franchise

1/12/2018 11:26:21 AM

whether quick play, franchise or campaign: madden nfl 18 makes every football fan happy. in our guide we introduce mut, campaign and the franchise mode and finally reveal tips that always work.

whoever sits in front of a football game and explains to his friends at every intermission exactly what the coach could have done better, needs madden 18. thanks to the different modes, football fans get exactly what they want from a sports game.


mind you, we say football fans. because football is, even if the injuries and crashes look spectacular there, a far more tactical game than for example football. it is not for nothing that both the coach and the quarterback, who are in the game, each have a complete book listing all the moves.


gameplay with a lot of arrows

accordingly, madden 18 is not a purely action-oriented game like fifa 18, but requires a bit more thought and brains. with every turn pausing and alternative tactics outweighed each other, you can almost talk about turn-based strategy.


of course, the line of scrimmage is still very much in the game. all the more important that you know what you are doing at madden 18. but do not worry, if you've seen a few games on tv so far, madden 18 will give you a whole bunch of exercises and tutorials to learn the terms, recognize moves, and develop a general feel for the player and the ball.


long shot, ultimate team or franchise?

if you feel fit, you can venture into the other modes: for example, to quick play, where you can simply jump into the game. have your favorite team play against your friends or play the matches of the current week. maybe the arizona cardinals are doing better with you than in their "real" season. pairings, as well as player roster, are updated every week in madden 18.


in franchise you play your own off the real season. choose an existing team or create your own and bring your team to the top of the nfl as coach, owner or player in offense. in doing so you can skim even more experience points and credits with your own goals.

football history

for the first time in madden's series history, madden 18 also includes a story mode. "longshot," as its name says, tells the story of devin wade, who has to make the hard way from high school sports to nfl superstar. along the way, he is repeatedly confronted with decisions that influence the course of the action.


this can be small details, such as public opinion after a charming interview or career-critical considerations such as firing or keeping a sneaky manager going.


only mut

and of course, madden 18, like fifa, also has an ultimate team mode. madden ultimate team works like an auction house, where players are bought and put together like trading cards. you have a free hand as far as club affiliation or active career is concerned. so rob gronkowski could easily play with dan marino.


with your ultimate team, you can then compete in solo challenges in which to master particularly tricky situations on the field. so you win new players and credits, which in turn you can bid on particularly good players.


but whether online mode, local pvp or collecting in the ultimate team: we've picked you up for the video gameplay of each mode and show you which mode suits which type of player. and finally, we have a few tips for you that will help you in every mode of madden 18. cheap madden nfl 18 coins and madden mobile coins from

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