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What Would Rocket League Look Like If It Had Hit The Market In 1998?

7/26/2017 5:53:16 PM

a youtuber recreates rocket league as if it had come out on psx in 1998 and the result is spectacular: it's still especially fun even in 32-bit.

rocket league 1998

rocket league has become one of the most successful games of the current generation of consoles with almost 33 million players, an unprecedented success since, after its departure, it became one of the reference games of PS plus, the sony subscription service that allows you to download monthly games and play online. after its success, it also came recently to xbox one, and paradoxically, has been opening a gap in the less serious esport with relative success.

it could almost be said that, on paper, it has entered fully into popular culture, and its dlcs with some of the most mythical cars of the cinema, does nothing more than support it. therefore, for players around the world is already an icon of this generation, and as usual, start to get content related to the game, some of very high quality as we want to teach today.


rocket league hit the market in july 2015 but, what if it had been released in 1998? by the time of PS, things would have been very different, even if the essence had the same, or not? local multiplayer, 32-bit graphics and a stylish soundtrack. this has been recreated by 98demake, one of the most well-known youtubers in general this type of content, as we can see in these lines.

be that as it may, it seems that rocket league, even in psx 1998, is still just as fun. maybe not as effective, but certainly a possible game that today would have become a classic remastered, like wipeout. cheap rocket league items are for sale on our brand site:

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