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Are You Ready For The D&D Neverwinter Module 4: Tyranny Of Dragons?

8/9/2014 3:02:01 PM

d&d neverwinter module 4: tyranny of dragons is coming, it will show on august 14, 2014, are you ready? this is a big chance for neverwinter online game, the new neverwinter update content should not be missed. so, what will the new content make you excited in module 4?

new class warlock available
scourge warlock is the newest class in module 4 you have been waiting for! warlock is the most powerful magic users, focus on dealing heavy damage to isolated or grouped foes by utilizing dark magical abilities. there are 3 feat trees: fury damnation and temptation you can choose, three different gameplay which do you like, cursing and decimating with powerful spells, controls a soul puppet to destroy enemies, or binds the souls of enemies and steal their life to heal your allies?

new race dragonborn available
yes, you can become a dragonborn in module 4, this is the newest race for neverwinter, do you want it? but you need buy dragonborn legend pack with zen currency to get this dragonborn race, this is not a free playable race in neverwinter. the dragonborn legend pack which contains many neverwinter items, such as the dragonborn fashion, extra character slot, draconic enchantment, ring of the dragon slayer and so on. purchase dragon pack in official site arcgames if you are interested. what’s more, you can enjoy 25% discount for dragonborn before august 14 and the neverwinter astral diamonds currency will be more active in ah.

heroic encounters
heroic encounters will be different than before module 3, you will participate in heroic encounters starting at level 26, and more heroic encounters will appear with you leveling. each encounter features a battle against dragons in the game and get some unique rewards from some of the more difficult encounters. this new heroic encounters are geared toward campaign progression.

ok, there will many new contents in neverwinter module 4, such as new dragon companion, new artifacts, new fashions, new dragon battles, new dyes and so on. last, there is a new trailer for tyranny of dragons. watching it and you will can not wait for it. amazing!



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