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Detailed Guide To Defending Like A Pro In Fifa 17 Ultimate Team

3/21/2017 10:43:28 AM

in this fifa 17 defending tutorial, you will be finding the most detailed tips and tricks on how to defend well and win games in fifa 17. hopefully, the tutorial will be helpful.

stay back the number one tip on the defense is always going to be to stay back, especially with those centre backs you don't want to get caught off guard. bring those centre backs between the ball and the goal, and make the attacker make the mistake, make them run into you and make them do the bad pass or the bad shot. don't force anything or try to apply pressure with the centre backs. 

jockey get familiar with how to do the jockey which is the alt button on the xbox and l2 button on PS. this is the most important move in fifa 17 defending. it gives you a really wide base. when you running into an opponent, it's a great move to do. you hold the jockey button and the left trigger button, which allows you to get a really wide stance. make sure that your feet make contact with the ball. this is great for the centre backs and to have really good control on the wings to make sure that they can't trick you by doing skill moves or doing quick movements. also make sure that you stay in between the ball and the goal.

use cdm when you want to apply a little bit of pressure and to get them out of their comfort zone, you use their cdm. if you don't have a cdm, use your center midfielders. they are the ones who should be controlling the most in defense. they should be the ones running most of the time from side to side, all across the pitch. try to take the ball away from them and get in passing lanes. you can apply a good amount of pressure for them into thinking that you're going to take the ball away from them. 

push/pull when using the defenders, make sure to push and pull by holding the b button on xbox or the circle button on PS. this move is great for catching up when you're a little bit lagging behind. if there's an attacker who really tries to break away, you can slow them down use your strength to really take the ball away from them. however, don't hold it too long because that will be a foul.


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