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Blade And Soul Update 2.2 Vengeance Breaks:Tower Of Infinity

5/30/2016 11:23:38 AM

on jun 1st, we can experience the tower of infinity in blade and soul patch 2.2!today, dpsvip would glad to share more information about infinity tower in blade&soul vengeance breaks.

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what’s tower of infinity?

the infinite tower in blade&soul is 1v1 battle with unique rules and mechanics, and it has 100 floor.each floor you'll duel an npc represents a particular class in the game, and it'll test your knowledge and experience against each type of opponent. in infinite tower, to encounter various boss, we not only need fight with various boss, but also we should familiar with the skills of other classes. it’s a long way to climb to the 100th floor but there’s a special rule: if you defeat an opponent in very short time, you may be able to skip some of the following floors as a reward. 

tower of infinity steps:

1.infinity challenge

in tower of infinity, there endless fighting with heroes 10 minutes to defeat opponent

in tower of infinity, each game are randomly. to defeat opponent quickly we can upgrade fast.

3.tower of infinity strategy

in each floor of tower of infinity, we can choose the strategy card such as defense, attack,and so on. you can use them in combat with [']

tower of infinity rewards

in the tower of infinity, and prepared a total of 100 challenges layer map for the players, when players can enter the battle to win the next level, into the higher layers may encounter more powerful npc. of course, if the player is very short clearance, to the award criteria, you can jump directly to obtain a certain number of layers of reward!

in terms of incentives, will be paid according to the number of layers of reward challenge, climb higher, increasingly rich reward, and players can also challenge tower of infinity obtained evidence, evidence can be exchanged by magic card. it is reported that, in addition to the number of layers reward challenge, the game for the majority of players ready to reward activities, players get a certain number of layers tower of infinity exclusive fashion.

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