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6.2 Ptr Patch Notes - May 26

5/28/2015 4:15:26 PM
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patch 6.2 is now available for testing on the public test realms (ptr)! participating on the public test realms lets you test patches before it has been released on live realms. if you'd like to help test and provide feedback, you can start by copying your character and downloading the ptr client. once you've had a chance to try things out, visit the ptr discussion 6.2 forum to discuss the patch. to report issues or errors, use the in-game submit bug feature (found under game menu -> help -> submit bug) or by visiting the ptr bug report 6.2 forum.

  • text in red means it's newly added or has changed since the last update.
  • crossed out means the change has been reverted since the last update.

ptr disclaimer

  • please keep in mind that the notes below are not final, and details may be subject to change before the release of patch 6.2.
  • new information for features that are still in-development will be added as it becomes available.
  • not all content listed in the ptr patch notes may be available for testing or may have a limited test window.

having lured grommash hellscream’s former lieutenants with promises of untold power, gul’dan has delivered the iron horde to the burning legion. now, he floods the jungles of tanaan with energies from the fallen pit lord mannoroth, creating an army of fel orcs brimming with demonic strength and insatiable bloodlust. even the iron horde’s mighty war machines have been infused with fel energy, while the shadow council recruits fanatical arakkoa to help crush all who oppose the legion.

whether horde or alliance, as commander of your side’s garrison in draenor you must oversee the construction of warships to assault tanaan and disrupt the iron horde’s frenzied preparations -- then stop gul’dan before his fel masters can gain a foothold on draenor. if you fail, there will be nothing left to prevent the burning legion’s obliteration of azeroth.

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