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Which Is Your Favorite, Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar Or Archeage?

6/26/2014 10:09:09 AM

recently, there are three hot online games: elder scrolls online, wildstar and archeage. today, we discuss about the three games. this is the good comparison between the three games to show their strength and weaknesses.

elder scrolls online
elder scrolls online was launched in april 2014. now, most players have been playing the game.
it is fun to explore in elder scrolls online.



the second positive about the game is the solo questing experience in eso. there are good storylines for solo play. the solo quests are spread our all over the game world.
there is large-scale pvp battle in eso. you can literally have hundreds of players on screen siege in castle, braking down the walls, knocking down the door, attacking other players. the pvp battle is intense and interesting.

of course, elder scrolls online has several negative respects. one is combat responsiveness. when you click a button to open a door or activate a steel wire finding a lot of times, it may not work. you may have to press the button over and over again, which can get really frustrated. another negative is the bugs, which stop players to play the game any more. now some of bugs are fixed and they will be better. the third is the grouping in elder scrolls online. it is difficult to group with players.

wildstar comes out in may 2014.

there are massive pve raids in wildstar, which lots of people love. furthermore, the game have instance pvp with great scenarios and arenas. the game has the responsive combat, which is huge. players can experience hundreds of thousands of players on screen, which is memorable and fun. another positive for wildstar are that there are giant monsters are added in the game and players can raid huge bosses. in addition, the characters in ws are memorable.

actually, wildstar is like cartoon. lots of props are cartoony. the second negative for ws is bugs. for example, the sound cut out completely. besides, it is terrible to find

archeage will be released in a few months in this year.

there are sandbox elements in archeage. you can make your house in the farm you have and make chickens in house and slaughter them. all those stuff is in-depth in the game world. thus, the ws world is open for players. the second positive respect of archeage is crafting and economy system. crafters have clear goals; the stuff is valuable. gold or money you earn in the game is meaningful. the second positive respect is open pvp system and naval battles. you can build boats and sell them. while you can sell your resources to sell, other players can attack you.

the early quests are completely boring. the second negative respect is the boring combat, because it’s an all the cab target cool down click a button system. when you play the game for several hours, you are brain dead and just push the buttons on the rotation, which is really boring. finally, pvp in archerage is sporadic. when you reach lvl 30 you can open pvp zone. the one side just fights against other side.

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