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Guild Wars 2 is the fourth major entry in the Guild Wars series and claims to be unique in the MMO genre with a storyline that responds to player action, which is common gameplay in single-player role-playing but rarely seen in multiplayer games. 

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4.95 USD
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GW2 NA-Server 50 Gold 4.95 USD
GW2 NA-Server 100 Gold 9.9 USD
GW2 NA-Server 150 Gold 14.85 USD
GW2 NA-Server 200 Gold 19.8 USD
GW2 NA-Server 300 Gold 29.7 USD
GW2 NA-Server 400 Gold 39.6 USD
GW2 NA-Server 500 Gold 49.5 USD
GW2 NA-Server 800 Gold 79.2 USD
GW2 NA-Server 1000 Gold 99 USD
GW2 NA-Server 1500 Gold 148.5 USD
GW2 NA-Server 2000 Gold 198 USD
GW2 NA-Server 2500 Gold 247.5 USD
GW2 NA-Server 3000 Gold 297 USD
GW2 NA-Server 3500 Gold 346.5 USD
GW2 NA-Server 4000 Gold 396 USD
GW2 NA-Server 5000 Gold 495 USD
GW2 NA-Server 6000 Gold 594 USD
GW2 NA-Server 7000 Gold 693 USD
GW2 NA-Server 8000 Gold 792 USD
GW2 NA-Server 9000 Gold 891 USD
GW2 NA-Server 10000 Gold 990 USD
GW2 NA-Server 12000 Gold 1188 USD
GW2 NA-Server 15000 Gold 1485 USD
GW2 NA-Server 20000 Gold 1980 USD
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