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New FIFA 17 Story Mode - The Journey for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

6/13/2016 3:02:31 PM

FIFA 17 for the first time have a story mode. Layer the EA-play event went to E3 across the stage. For FIFA it is a revolutionary year: The Power of Frostbite allows "brand new experience" as the story mode FIFA 17-The Journey, which can be seen in the following trailer:

With the switch to the Frostbite engine, the future of the virtual football is rung: For future FIFA offshoot of this new graphics engine will allow "big changes". 

The graphics will make a significant leap forward: The appearance, facial expressions and the movements of the players are more realistic, it come improved lighting effects and much more, which aims to improve the football atmosphere.

In FIFA 17 you will also experience numerous innovations which relate not only to the graphic thrust: A completely new narrative mode: The Journey is available.

The Story Mode "The Journey" in FIFA 17

In this new mode you take on the role of football talent Alex Hunter. With him, you experience a professional career in the English Premier League.The gaming experience here is very immersive: you learn the business of football from the inside to know and discovered what it is like to be a professional footballer. You can select this by yourself, in which team the Premier League you want to hire.

You will discover new football worlds with The Journey: You're not just on the pitch but also in the tunnel, in the cabin, the coach office, or even on the plane and at Alex's home.


You will know the whole backstory Young Kickers: How he gets his first jersey, all his ups, his downs. As your conduct interviews (you're friendly, cautious, arrogant?) or - The Your shows on the court, the development of the story depends on your services. Even events such as a red card to influence the story. While there is a "core story", Alex Hunter’s Premier League career is impacted by your performance on the pitch, and the decisions you make off of it.

In the square you have specific tasks to perform, which you specified by the coach at the start of the game (such as: minimum score a goal). Here, almost every action affects your Player Rating: Went beside the opponent? Has a nice goal scored? In the upper right of the screen you can see live how your rating rises - or falls. You can watch the way, before the games decide whether you want to control only Alex and the whole team.

The services that your shows influence of your player's progress: you can let him grow gradually upgrade and the star player.

Authentic storylines in FIFA 17- The Journey

In this story mode EA Sports would offer you a authenticity and high fun factor connect. The authenticity is achieved, you finds among the major stars of world football. Selects your journey in Manchester United, you will hit Rooney or Schweinsteiger in the cabin. You are in Liverpool, you will motivated by Jürgen Klopp. Many coaches and players have been (re) introduced in this regard with motion capture.


A feature of FIFA 17 Story Mode is "Dynamic Scenes": If you, for example, sets a miserable appearance of the day, you have to boss the office and justify why you. Your get the reactions in social media with: What write your fans about you, what do you think the press?

A cut scene that we got to see, shows a possible low Coin of your career: You have a conversation with your grandfather, who wants to build you while on television in hailing the bad reviews about you. This scene also revealed that FIFA 17 really makes the graph a step forward: The facial features are realistic, the emotions are conveyed convincingly.

Overall, you want this new mode can experience the professional business of a football close up. For this "story consultant" in the form of active footballers were consulted. 

The new story mode of FIFA 17 will bring us a new football world, and you will get know more about football by through a true-to-life experience. We sure most of you are expecting to start the journey in the Premier League. 

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