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FIFA15 Celebration Action Instruction

3/3/2015 6:06:59 PM

When you goal, you want to use a unique celebration action. Trick, whistle lore, super long-range and skill move can give us different game experienc. But we always look at actions which FIFA games default.. Do you know the specific instructions?


To hold B: lifting one arm.
To hold X: sucking thumb like a baby.
To hold Y:  putting hands on ear and listening to the cheers of the fans
To hold B twice: Finger Coining forward
To hold X twice: opening arms.
To hold Y twice: rotating the wrist
To hold RS : imitating aircraft
To push up RS: Coining to the sky
To push RS to the right: making the fans to shut up
To Push down RS: calling
To Push RS to the left: Can you hear me?
To push RS to the right, then to the left: spreading his hands
To push RS to the left, then to the right: coming
To Push RS down then up: kissing
To push RS up then down: arms swinging
To Push RS to the right twice: birds
To Push RS to the left twice: holding head with two hands
To push down RS twice: heart-shaped gesture
To push up RS twice: arms holding high
RS clockwise: pinwheel

Classic celebration actions:

To hold LB+ push RS to the left then right: shaking head
To hold LB+ push RS up twice: back flip (just for agile players) or Coining to fans
To hold LT+ push up RS: kneeling and sliding
To hold LT + press B: wiping shoes
To hold RT+ click B twice: kissing stadium
To hold RT+ push down RS: kneeling to worship
To hold RB+ push RS to the right then left: push-ups
To hold LB+ press RS: lightning dance
To hold LB+ press RS: walking like the elderly

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