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Fifa 18 Weekend League: The Differences Of Pc And Console

3/2/2018 2:57:40 PM

the weekend league (wl) is the premier class in the fifa 18 ultimate team. if you come this far, you can dust off many coins and expensive packs. however, there are differences between the pc and console version. is it easier for pc players? we'll show you what's different on the computer.


from friday morning until sunday evening, players have time to let off steam in the weekend league. the number of victories determines how good the prices are at the end of the day, which are distributed on the following thursday. but there are serious differences in the platforms. for example, pcls have to complete fewer games.



fewer games, but no fut champions

pc players only have to play 25 games. for the silver 2-rank, which means the automatic qualification for the next wl, you only need seven wins. compared to the console, there are 15 games less. on the xbox one and ps4 40 games must be played, for silver 2 you need eleven victories there. so pc players have fewer games to play, but that's an advantage? if, then only in terms of time. because that brings us to the next point: pc players can not participate in the fut champions and therefore not in the fifa eworld cup. qualification is therefore only possible via the consoles.


high player prices

if you look at the transfer market on the pc, you'll probably be tapping your ears when looking at the prices. sometimes the player cards are almost twice as expensive as on the consoles. the price increases with demand and here too the price structure is defined by the number of players. in most cases, the mark regulates itself, on the pc, however, there are always strong outliers and even the price ranges can not counteract. therefore, you should always keep this in mind when shopping at the transfer market.


rewards are different

related to this are the rewards in the weekend league. due to the reduced number of players and games, the rewards are also adjusted on the pc. for example, there is no top 100 ranking, only top 40. on the pc, players receive 250,000 fifa coins, an ultimate totw pack and two jumbo rare player packs in 1st place. on the console you get two jumbo rare packs more. elite 1 players get 125,000 coins on the consoles as well as two premium totw and two jumbo rare players packs. pc's get with 100,000, 25,000 fifa coins less. in elite two, there are even nearly 30,000 fewer coins compared to the console, but there is one more player pack for it. nevertheless, the rewards between the platforms vary greatly, which you should also consider.

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