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FIFA 18 Pro Clubs New Features - Match Lobby, Play Styles, Skill Tree, Kit Customization

9/28/2017 12:39:02 PM

On FIFA 18, the most important new features of the "Pro Clubs" mode are known. You need to know for the new club season on PS4, Xbox One and PC!

For many fans, the club mode is the most important mode of the annual FIFA series. The reason: This provides the most intensive online experience, in which even 11vs11 matches are possible. Together with a few mates you can play in the club and compete against other clubs online.


Here you create your own Virtual-Pro, which you can customize and improve over time. This online experience mixed with the progress system of their own "Pros" makes the appeal of Pro Clubs for many.

In FIFA 18, the club mode returns in a revamped form. He can present four important innovations.

These 4 things are new to Pro Clubs

Club veterans have long hoped that EA Sports will have more love in club mode, provide more customization, and make the playing experience more social. It is criticized that the focus in recent years has been too much on FUT 18 and one neglected Pro Clubs.

FIFA 18 does not bring any revolutionary innovations, but there are a few sensible changes.


A new, better Match Lobby

Before a match, the club players gather in the game lobby where they choose their line-up and start the match. In FIFA 18, this lobby was tidy. This is now user-friendly, efficient, and shortened waiting times.

In the game lobby you have 5 options:

- The tab called Game Lobby shows all the players who are in the lobby. Here you choose your position.

- In game styles, you can switch between your three game styles - these are an innovation, which is explained below.

- When you're on the line, choose a formation. Our formation guide can help you make your choice.

- In roles, you can choose the roles on the course, such as the captain, the corner and free-kickers, or the elimination guards. -

- In settings, you choose your jersey and choose whether the opponent's search is to be taken into account for the Any position, the goalkeeper or a minimum number of opponents. In game type, you decide whether the game should be a league, cup or friendship game.



Play Styles

Game styles are what you call "loadouts" in other games. You can shoot your pros in different ways and then save it. For example, create a striker, a midfielder, and a defender. Anyone can have other body measurements and abilities.

Three game styles are available. You can find it under "Player Development" or in the game lobby.

So far, you had to convert your Pro hard, if you wanted to play a different position. In FIFA 18, you can quickly switch between the game styles. This saves time.


New Skill Tree - Player Features

Your virtual pro now has an extensive skill tree, which is divided into the areas of body, defensive, dribbling, fit, shooting, tempo, and goalkeeping. In each of these areas, you can unlock certain player features that will improve your pro.

To unlock, you need skill points you earn by playing matches.

With this Skill-Tree, you can customize your pro and decide whether you want to put more on endurance or high shot power values, for example.


Kit Customization

Already in FIFA 17 you could create your own jerseys in the club, but the selection was quite limited. In FIFA 18, 12 new colors are to be added.

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