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FIFA 18: Cristiano Ronaldo Could Leave Real Madrid, How Will EA Act?

6/19/2017 6:10:08 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considering leaving Real Madrid after the tax penalty, has also put FIFA 18 in a difficult situation. If Ronaldo transfers, FIFA 18 has to go through a major change, including cover photos, trailers and images for the game.

fifa 18 Cristiano Ronaldo


EA Sports's world-renowned game lineup has made FIFA's debut this year quite a bit. FIFA 18, using Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays Real Madrid form as superstar, liked both the in-game images and the trailer.

Regardless, sports public opinion is shaken by news of Ronaldo's separation. As we know, during the days we passed, a tax charge was directed against the Portuguese star and it was stated that there will be a monetary penalty in the lump sum. Ronaldo then, with a sudden decision to leave Real Madrid was claimed to put his head.

This news, no doubt, put the developers of FIFA 18 in a difficult situation. Because in promotional advertising, Real Madrid-based Ronaldo is at the forefront. With a possible team change of the superstar, FIFA 18 has to be changed as well.

If a transfer takes place, FIFA 18 needs to go through a major change, including cover photo, trailer and images for the game. As we know, the game has to be placed on the shelf within 3 months under normal conditions. Thus, the producers of the game will be in a very difficult situation. Also, in the event of a possible setback, FIFA and PES will pass the competition PES 2018 forward.

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