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FIFA 18: FUT Wishlist - 10 New Features The Ultimate Team Needs

6/2/2017 5:30:15 PM

FIFA 18 is coming. This will be the "Ultimate Team" mode again: FUT 18. We would like to see these innovations.

FIFA 18 will appear in the autumn of 2017. Official information on this soccer simulation is still rare. Only Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, gave an outlook on FIFA 18 and the future "Ultimate Team" mode: the game should build on the foundation that laid FIFA 17, continue the story mode "The Journey" and innovative innovations - just in FUT.

Last year the first information about FUT 17 appeared during Gamescom in August. If EA Sports is on the same schedule for FIFA 18, it's still a while until we find out what the fans in FUT 18 are up to. A lot of time to list wishes, speculations and hopes.

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That's what we want for the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - FUT 18
We've searched across the Internet and found countless suggestions in the FIFA forums for how to upgrade the Ultimate Team. All ideas would go far beyond our "Top 10" list, which is why we now list ten wishes that are often mentioned in the community and which we would also like to see realized in FUT 18.


FIFA 18 FUT Champions - Give us more time
The most important innovations of FUT 17 were the FUT Champions mode. You can qualify for the Weekend-League during the week. On the weekend it is then to win against many opponents, in order to rise in rank. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. In other words, the better you play and the more wins you win, the better the bonuses are.

However, there have been complaints since the launch of FIFA 17: Why does this only take place at the weekend? Many players would have more time during the week than on weekends.

If you want to be successful in FUT Champions, you have to have 1. on weekends and 2. have lots of time on weekends. In a few days, 40 matches will be played to get far up. This takes a while.

In short: FUT Champions determines the weeks of many FUT fans. Therefore the players for FUT 18 demand: We want to decide again when we play the matches. A system with weekly and monthly ranking lists, which is always active, is conceivable. So the fans can gamble when they have time.


Playing matches is more worthwhile
The best footballers in FUT cost well over one million coins on the transfer market. "You can not play" this, considering that there are only around 500 coins for a match. The top players can only be found if you are either very lucky to get the pack open, or are among the best FIFA players in the world and always win the best prizes in FUT Champions.

Thousands of matches would be needed to win a Cristiano Ronaldo. For many, this is inconceivable. Even if a player card "only" costs a few hundred thousand coins, you would have to spend a few days playing time. Many fans are therefore taking the easier path, doing microtransactions, buying themselves from packs and hoping for good players. Some thousands of coins make profit with it.

Therefore the desire: After a match, let more coins jump as a reward. So that the gambling is more worthwhile.


Legends for all in FUT 18
Since FIFA 14 legend cards have been exclusive to Xbox players, as there was a marketing deal between Microsoft and EA. The legends in FUT are cards of former world-class footballers who bring EA Sports back to the virtual grass.

According to a Leak, there should be a deal between Sony and EA for FIFA 18. Maybe there are the legends exclusively for PS4. However, many players would like to: Why do the legends have to be exclusive? Why is a game group completely excluded? A time-exclusivity of, say, one month would be quite sufficient.

EA, give Pelé, Beckenbauer and Co. free for all FUT fans.



Own jerseys and coat of arms

Individualization is increasingly written in online games. Players want their own symbols, their own, distinctive logos. Why not in FUT 18?

The "Pro Clubs" mode shows that an editor for coats of arms and jerseys is possible (even if this should be much more pronounced). The "real" coats of arms and jerseys can, of course, remain in FUT 18, as many like to play in the colors of their favorite team. But a chance to create individual coats of arms and jerseys would welcome many fans.

FIFA 18 FUT Wishlist - Own jerseys and coat of arms

More choice in positions
In FUT you have some room to adjust the positions of the players. For example, you can make a CM to a CDM, but not to a defender.

In FUT 18 these chains should be blown up, after all the kickers in the real football also occasionally play in positions which do not correspond to their "actual" positions. Prominent example was Philipp Lahm, who played under Guardiola more often in the middle than on the right defenders position. If this is reflected in FUT, this is not possible.

Of course, it should not be possible to place a striker as goalkeeper, but more freedom in the position choice would certainly be welcome.


Buy and sell consumption items in the bundle
Now a wish that affects the "quality of life" of the FUT fans: Whether fitness cards, contracts or other consumption items - these are always needed in bulk, but you can only buy them individually.

We therefore want a feature that allows us to sell and buy contracts in the triple or five pack. This saves time.

Varied online tournaments
With the arrival of FUT Champions the selection of "online tournaments" has disappeared. These were replaced by the daily knockout tournaments for the weekend league. These have different requirements from day to day, but many players miss a lot of online tournaments in FUT. These could have exclusive bonuses and special requirements, or more than "maximum 4 games per tournament".

In the single player mode, there are several tournaments.


Free Draft Participations
The Draft mode is offline as online a fun mode. The first step is to build a team: for each position you get a random selection of players, and you have to compromise between high total rations and high team chemistry. Afterwards, you will play a tournament with the Draft team. The more you come, the better the rewards.

In Draft mode, you can gamble with player cards, which are not available for many in FUT. So you often have a Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar to choose from.
However, there is a catch: the participation in Draft is not free.
Either you draw from a pack a draft token (are very rare), or you pay 15,000 coins (that's quite a lot). Since many FUT players prefer to put their coins elsewhere, they hardly play the Draft mode.
Therefore, for FUT 18 the innovation would be welcome, that there are at some intervals free draft tokens.
Or you can reduce the attendance costs. Otherwise this mode is much too short.


Team contracts
We already had the idea to buy and sell consumption items in the bundle. Another idea to save time with the annoying manager tasks are team contracts. So contract cards, which extend all contracts to all 11 players in the active team.
Such team-building objects already exist, like the team fitness cards. It is not necessary to provide each player individually with a card, instead, only a few clicks are used to supply all players. This could certainly be applied to the Treaties.


New modes - For example, an indoor mode?

For years, FIFA fans have been demanding a return to the indoor mode. This made for enthusiasm in FIFA 98. With FIFA 18, the indoor football celebrates its 20th anniversary in FIFA - that would be a good opportunity to bring this mode back.

Maybe this is an option for the Ultimate Team. Each year, EA Sports provides new modes and new content to keep FUT attractive. With a hall mode in FUT, FIFA 18 would certainly be a must for many.

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