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FFXIV NA-Jenova 1000K GIL 3.46 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 2000K GIL 6.92 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 3000K GIL 10.38 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 4000K Gil 13.84 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 5000K GIL 17.3 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 6000K Gil 20.76 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 7000K Gil 24.22 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 8000K GIL 27.68 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 9000K Gil 31.14 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 10000K GIL 34.6 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 15000K Gil 51.9 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 20000K Gil 69.2 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 25000K Gil 86.5 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 30000K Gil 103.8 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 40000K Gil 138.4 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 50000K Gil 173 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 60000K Gil 207.6 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 80000K Gil 276.8 USD
FFXIV NA-Jenova 100000K Gil 346 USD
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