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Cheap Black Desert Power Leveling

Professional Black Desert power leveling service is offered by Goldah.com. If you find yourself bored with the long process of leveling up, you can find a perfect solution on Goldah.com. The super fast power leveling service offered by us is able to boost your Black Desert character to the max level or to any levels you require. If you choose our service, you choose speed and efficiency. The price is low, and the service is of the top class quality.

Power List


Level Power:
Current Level:
Desired Level:
Level 1-50 + 10M Free Silver
69.99 USD 4 days
Level 1-50 + 20M Free Silver
85.99 USD 4 days
Level 1-50 + 30M Free Silver
99.99 USD 5 days
Level 50-55 + 100M Free Silver
239.99 USD 8 days
Level 50-55 + 50M Free Silver
189.99 USD 8 days
Level 55-56 + 50M Free Silver
189.99 USD 6 days
Level 56-57 + 100M Free Silver
359.99 USD 9 days
Level 57-58 + 200M Free Silver
699.99 USD 18 days
Lv 57-58 Power Leveling Package
589.99 USD 18 days
Lv1-50 Power Leveling Package
59.99 USD 2 days
Lv1-55 Power Leveling Package
169.99 USD 6 days
Lv50-55 Power Leveling Package
119.99 USD 3 days
Lv55-56 Power Leveling Package
139.99 USD 4 days
Lv56-57 Power Leveling Package
285.99 USD 7 days
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